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I received my 2nd underage drinking ticket, I took a class for the 1st and got it dropped. Will this affect my drivers license?

Waukesha, WI |

I understand that because I completed a class to get my first one dropped and I re offended within a year that I will now have to pay for both tickets. However I am wondering if I will likely get my license suspended? I was not operating a vehicle nor was I inside one or even close to be. Will this make a difference? Also, I will be 21 by the time my court date occurs and also they both occurred in different counties (First in Waukesha, 2nd in Grant) I was wondering if this would make a difference also because on the Wisconsin Court Access website they are both listed as a 1st offense underage drinking ticket. Thank you for any advice.

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  1. Your belief that after getting the first ticket "dropped" re-offending within one year requires you to pay for both tickets must be a reference to the court-imposed conditions of that first disposition in Waukesha. If so, you need to refer to the details of that disposition to see whether or not license suspension will also now occur on that true first offense case if you are convicted in Grant County of another offense. If your Waukesha case was resolved without a conviction, then Grant is properly charged as a first offense, and if it remains so, then license loss may not be mandatory upon conviction there.

    You are also assuming that conviction is going to be automatic in Grant County. If you are concerned about the possibility of license loss, you should consult an attorney in Grant County about what you might be able to do to avoid conviction there, and possibly head this whole thing off at the pass.

    You may also want to stop illegally consuming alcohol prior to your upcoming 21st birthday.

    This answer is provided for general information only. No legal advice can be given without a consult as to the specifics of the case.

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