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I received foreclosure papers 3-15-13 with 20 days to respond.I'm the only name on papers.3-20-13 (2day)I receive an email from

Viroqua, WI |
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bank informing me that the bank Pres. and my soon to be X-husband and his lawyer are going to the property and removing items for the grounds and I will be informed of things taken And the banker and him have come to an agreement on him paying some money on my loans so he can get some things he doesn't want to loose. Also the Bankers informed me that they already have 3 interested buyers and would be showing them the property the same day. {Today}I've been staying with a friend because my ,soon to be, X, threatened to hurt me after he just got of prison for beating me near to death .But I still live there and get my mail on nearly a daily basis, I wasn't informed by any court or police of this and I've never agreed to allow anything to be sold or removed. What can I do?They're not right?

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It sounds like you are being victimized by your husband and his bank. Talk to a local attorney as soon as possible. They have no right to sell your house or make you let them show it to potential buyers. Simply filing a foreclosure action means nothing for now as first the court would have to render a judgment and then you would get six months to redeem the property. In other words, you have the right to stay at least for six month and that is only after a judgment. Get yourself some legal help.

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You appear to be a victim; consult your divorce lawyer, or if you do not have one, get one and consult, as there are procedures to obtain assitance and protection.

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