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I received AARD for a Possession charge 10 years ago, can I still obtain a CCW Permit in Pennsylvania?

Conshohocken, PA |

Over 10 years ago I was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and paraphrenalia. I entered a guilty plea and was granted entrance to PA's AARD program. I finished the program and was told that my record would be clean after completion of the program and after 7 years had passed. With that Misdemeanor Drug possession charge am I still able to obtain my CCW permit in PA?

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    I am a bit confused by your answer when you say you entered a guilty plea AND entered into the ARD program. It is a critical distinction because if you entered a guilty plea to any drug charge, you will never be eligible for a concealed carry permit in Pennsylvania. However, if you entered into ARD and successfully completed it, it should not have resulted in an actual conviction and should not be a bar to obtaining a permit. Answer the question on the application appropriately as to whether or not you were "convicted." Good luck.

    David Bradley
    Bradley Law Firm, LLC

  2. If you received ARD you should be fine. If you were convicted (plead guilty) then probably not.

  3. Also, even if you went through the ARD program, you may have to file a motion to have the record expunged, This is because the record of your arrest (not a conviction record if you went ARD) will still be in the criminal background data base, unless you get it expunged.

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