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I received a waiver of citation renunciation and consent to appointment of administrator from my daughters fathers wife

Binghamton, NY |
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it will be a year since he passed it only has his name on it as the deceased and she has checked off on the paper Letter of Administration and that a bond be dispensed with she wants me to sign and get it notorized but this is all the info i have what should i do ? now it came out in court that she was his child six years ago should i sign?
i live in Binghamton,ny the wife lives in QUeens ny

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  1. If you want to file to be the administrator, then you can file for it. Consult with an experienced probate lawyer in the area. By the way you do not have to sign it. However when you are served the case can go forward it you do nothing,

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  2. Your daughter may have rights to inherit from her father. Since you are being cited, apparently she is listed on the petition for letters of administration as a distributee. Before you sign anything on her behalf, you should take the papers that were served to a probate lawyer to review. A consultation won't cost much and it could save your daughter a lot of problems down the road.

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  3. The other attorneys offer sound advice. Your daughter has a right to a portion of the inheritance by virtue of being her father's distributee. You should meet with a probate attorney to review the papers and to determine the proper course forward.


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