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I received a ticket from a police officer for VC 14606a in Culver City, CA. I also now have VC 40508a and VC 40509.5 added on.

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While helping a friend move out of state he was caught talking on a cell while driving. I rented the truck for him since he had no credit card. When the officer went to run his info my friend told me he didn't have a valid licence. The officer returned & asked me if I knew he didn't have a licence. I didn't know what to say since the officer told me the truck could be impounded for 30 days. So I said yes, since I just found out. I got the ticket & unfoutunately missed the court date. Now my licence is being suspended & I requested another court date. My friend is willing to write a letter stating I didn't know about his licence until just before the officer returned & asked me. Do I need a lawyer, I don't want to travel & miss work, & do you think I have a chance to get this dismissed?

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You will need an attorney to deal with this. It may be possible to get it dismissed but no attorney can guarantee a result.
Robert Driessen

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Yes, a local attorney can appear in court in LA for you. The FTA is now holding your license and should be cleared ASAP.

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I need a name of a attorney who can do this for me ASAP

John W Stanko

John W Stanko


Andrew Roberts or Sherman Ellison

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