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I received a ticket for disregarding a stop sign in Albion, Michigan (Calhoun County).

Albion, MI |

I was given the ticket by a new officer, she still had someone more experienced riding along with her. The ticket says that I am Native American when I am CLEARY white. My height and eye color are also blank. Does the fact she filled the ticket out wrong help me at my informal hearing? Also, the police car reached the intersection after I had stopped my car, they could not see my car until they were fully stopped at the intersection because there were parked cars in the way. I had already stopped for a cross walk and then inched into the intersection to make sure it was clear, then made my left turn. I didn't do this so I am going to fight the $115.00 and 3 points. Advice for my informal hearing tomorrow?

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The chance of you "winning" the informal hearing, even with the typos on your ticket, is extremely low. My humble advice is to retain a local-area Traffic Attorney to try and negogiate your charge down to what is called a "non-abstractable" offense, which means it doesn't go on your driving record. If you are found Responsible by the Court, the Stop Sign ticket will stay on your driving record for SEVEN (7) years, so please consider hiring a lawyer to try and keep it off your record. If the lawyer is successful in keeping the ticket off your record, they will more than pay for themselves in what they save you in increased car insurance premiums. Don't focus on trying to "beat" the ticekt -- focus on keeping it off your record, even if you still have to pay a fine. I wish you all the best of luck. If you find my reply assisted you, I would greatly appreciate you please marking it as "helpful." Warmest regards, Matt Catchick.

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That's your first mistake. . . "informal" hearing.
Those are jokes. You go for the "formal" hearing
(with attorney or not) and show the judge how
cops "made mistakes." However, most judges
just find you guilty UNLESS you have an attorney
representing you . . . another reason to retain an
attorney. Good luck!


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