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I received a ticket "Failure to Exhibit Documents" cause I didn't have my DL.with me. I left it home. How can I dismiss charges?

Wood-ridge, NJ |

I provided my SS# to the officer which he proceeded to pull all my information including my D.L. # which it's written on my ticket. Below the offense it has a statute # 39:3-27.

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Hello there,

Contact the court and see if they will allow you to bring your identification to court to show your ID. There may be a small fine you have to pay and the citation may be dismissed.

If court doesn't work out that easy you should contact an attorney in your area that handles traffic citations.


Erick Platten

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Follow the instructions on the back of the summons to plead not guilty. Then go to court on the date that the court sets with a copy and an original of your drivers license. Speak with the prosecutor and offer him or her a copy of your drivers license and show her the original. Respectfully request that the prosecutor dismiss the summons and only have the court costs of $33 be imposed. This is in the discretion of the prosecutor.

Good Luck-

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39:3-27 is the wrong citation. There could be a defense depending on what else is on the ticket. The correct citation for not having the proper documents is 39:3-29. You are required to have the proper documents while you are driving. This is a 0 point ticket but the fine can be around $200 dollars. I take it that you were charged in Woodbridge. All of the various prosecutors there are reasonable. It is not worth retaining an attorney on this charge. If you explain the circumstances of the offense to the prosecutor they may just assess Court costs only and suspend the fine. But why were you stopped in he first place? If you want to knock this around my office offers telephone consultations.

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This is a non-moving violation which carries 0 NJMVC points. The fine is high. You can plead not guilty and have a trial or ask the prosecutor to allow you to plead guilty with a suspended fine and costs only.

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