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I received a summons with no court seal and no court date.

Tustin, CA |

The summons has no court seal and no date to appear in court. It was also stamped by the court clerk and not signed. The only date is the filing date. Is a summons supposed to have a seal?

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  1. Only the original summons will have the seal. Copies of the summons (which is what is typically served) will not have the seal. Likewise, only the original summons is signed by the issuing court clerk. Copies of the summons will only have the stamped name of the issuing court clerk.

    Does the summons bear a case number? That is what you'll need to file an Answer, Demurrer, or other responsive pleading.

    You can look up the case status online at if you are in Orange County Superior Court.

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  2. If you were served with a summons it should have accompanied other documents such as a complaint. You will have 30 days from the date of service to answer or otherwise respond to the complaint if it was personally served. If it was served by substitute service, look out for a copy in the mail because your response will be due 40 days from the date on the postmark.

    I strongly suggest you consult with an attorney. Being sued is a serious matter and must be dealt with by a professional.

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  3. Just need to answer the complaint.