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I received a summons from the Circuit Court for collection of a credit card debt. , SS.

Fort Pierce, FL |

We do owe it, but are unable to pay we
barely can afford what we have to do
to survive, What do we need to do.
We do own a home with a mortgage more than what the house is worth
which is up to date on payments. There is another house which we are trying to sell so that we can pay off our debts. I had written to them to try to make a payment arrangement, but they want more than we can pay. I tried debt consolation and they want like $1400.00 a month which we can
not afford to pay and beable to survive.
I can not afford an attorney. What do
we do.

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Check out Greenpath Financial. Its a large non profit organization that helps people work out debts with credit card companies. It ends up being a good deal for both the consumer and the credit card company because the creditor gets money that it might otherwise not get.

In the mean time, go get an attorney. I know you say that you cannot afford one, but I am here to tell you that can not afford to default on this lawsuit. In fact, I would hire a bankruptcy attorney to handle this matter so that the credit card company is more likely to negotiate with an attorney who specializes in this area. Undoubtedly, you can find one who will accept payments from you. Do NOT default on this lawsuit. You will not get a notice of any court hearing if you do not answer.

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