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I received a speeding ticket yesterday in Camden Co Ga can I avoid insurance increase by attending a traffic school

Hilliard, FL |

I was doing 70 in a 55 zone I want to avoid having an increase in my insurance and am willing to attend any course I am a fl resident

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That weill depend on Georgia law. If the Georgia court adjudicates you, then you cannot avoid points on your Florida license. If Georgia law allows you to avoid an adjudication by attending a class or in another way, then you would avoid points.

However, I have been told by numerous insurance agents that one speeding ticket on your record will not, in and of itself, cause a rise in your rates. Even if you have had previous tickets, but they are not in the last 1-3 years, your rates should not rise. I suggest you ask your agent about it.

Steven Edward Weir

Steven Edward Weir


I disagree wth the above. I had a friend enter a guilty plea to a no-point speeding ticket, then when some months later, he was in an accident, his insurance company dumped him. Don't let the first item go on your record. Additionally, in Missour, attending driving school shows on your driving record. The insurance company also sees that, and will use that to justify using it against you. The insurance industry is bent against you. Don't be fooled by false promises of insurance agents.


You should hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Georgia.


I agree with the above, you cannot take Florida traffic school for this ticket, you need to figure it out with Georgia.

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