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I received a letter in the mail telling me to be in court, but how can they prove I received it?

Panama City, FL |
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I received a letter in regular first class mail telling me when to be in court for my credit card hearing. How can they prove I ever received it? I was served papers over one and a half years ago and never heard anything since then. Now, I get this letter in the mail. It wasn't certified or anything. All it said was, at the bottom, "I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy of the foregoing was furnished to ********* by U.S. Mail Delivery on *****." How can they prove I ever got it. Mail gets lost all the time. If it was certified, then I would have to sign for it and they would have my signature. However, this was regular mail with a 45 cent stamp on it. Just curious.

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  1. Once you are properly served, they don't have to prove you received it. All they have to prove is that they put it in the U.S. mail on a certain date to your last know address. That is what the certification is for. You would have to prove you didn't receive it. You need to appear in court or risk negative consequences.

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