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I received a DUI ticket and a refusal ticket. I have a NJ license. would having an out of state license help get a conditional

Lambertville, NJ |

license for work purposes? What states allow conditional licenses with refusals?

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I'm not a New Jersey attorney but I doubt it. Florida allows a hardship license after 90 days on the first refusal and 18 months after the second refusal. If New Jersey suspends your license Florida would honor the New Jersey suspension. I would get the best New Jersey DUI attorney available and see if they can fight to keep your license. If that is not an option in New Jersey with a refusal they would be aware of the issues you face in New Jersey and would be in the best position to advise you what other clients in similar situations have done to minimize the impact on their life. I can't speak for all 50 states but I attached a link that has a list of states that allow hardship licenses.


It depends on the State. Not all States are members of the Interstate Compact and not all States offer conditional licenses. If you can establish residency in one of these States and obtain a license prior to a NJ suspension you would be subject to the out of State penalties in that that State when NJ advises them of their action. Some States ask if there are any pending suspensions in your home State on the application. If you legally can switch in time that conditional license or in some cases a full license will not allow you to drive in NJ during their suspension. Lambertville is a fair Court and the prosecutor is a fair guy. So maybe you should determine if can defend the case as well. Contact my office for more information.


You may be able to qualify for a license in CO.


If you live and work in NJ it does not matter from where you get a license. Firstly, NJ law requires you to have a NJ license if you live in NJ. Secondly, if you are convicted of the DWI or refusal it is your driving privileges that are suspended in NJ, not your driver's license, so you are not allowed to drive in NJ regardless of the state from which you obtained your driver's license. You need to concern yourself with the DWI and refusal by consulting with an attorney to see if you have any arguments to beat the charges or keep your driving privileges suspension to a minimum.


New Jersey does not have any type of conditional licenses, not for work or any other purpose.


1.) If convicted you will not be eligible to drive in New Jersey. It does not matter if you have a license from another state. If you are caught driving while suspended for the DUI, there is mandatory jail;
2.) NJ does not offer conditional licenses.
3.) You need to hire an attorney ASAP to deal with the DUI and refusal.


A "Conditional License" does not exist in NJ. Can't guarantee it but I believe such licenses do exist in Pennsylvania.

Hope that was responsive.

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