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I received a desk appearance ticket for PL 145.00 01 in Queens New York.

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What does this mean? I have a previous record for a felony and a misdemeanor. What should I do?

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It appears you've been charged with Criminal Mischief as an "A" Misdemeanor. That is a crime which carries up to one year in jail, 3 years on Probation or $1000. in fines, together with surcharges and crime vidtims fees. If you are proven guilty, you will also likely have to pay restitution for anything you've damaged or broken as a result of your actions.

Especially because you've had two prior convictions, you need to have an attorney represent you and you should call one as soon as possible before you must appear in Court. As you may already know and/or remember, your case will go before a court for Arraignment and bail could be set, although it is not likely given the fact that a DAT was initially issued to you with a direction to appear in court.

If you are still on Probatoin or Parole for either of the other cases, that will also likely result in a Violation of Probation or Parole.

Hire an attorney right away.

Good luck.

You may call our office at 516-248-6600 or send an email to us at This answer does not form an attorney/client relationship with anyone and any answers do not constitute direct legal advice and should not be followed unless and until you have spoken with an attorney of your choice.

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Criminal Mischief is a serious misdemeanor charge. The fact that you have prior misdemenaor and felony conviction means that the DA is more likely to be seeking jail time on this present case. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney that can defend you agains these charges and perhaps negotiate a favorable resolution with the Queens DAs office.

Yours truly,

Tom Kenniff

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I am a former ADA in Queens and handle many criminal cases there. You are charged with criminal mischief, a Class A misdemeanor. Your previous record will be held against you by the DA's Office. I recommend you retain counsel.

The above is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advice.

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