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I rear ended someone. Help!

Syracuse, NY |

I was waiting in a line of cars to enter a traffic circle. The car ahead of me moved up and so I moved up also and as I went to apply my brake to slow down and stop, my wet shoe slipped off the brake and caught the gas and I struck the car a head of me. We pulled over and I asked him if he was okay and he said yes. I then called the police. I was not issued a ticket. There was some damage to his rear bumper and to my front bumper. The officer filled out an Accident exchange of information report. So my question is what should i expect in the upcoming weeks? And what if the other drive claims an injury after the fact? I have never been in and kind of accident before and i am beside myself .

I immediately contacted my insurance after the officer gave each of us a copy of the Accident Information Exchange Form

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  1. First, report the incident to your insurance carrier, then, work with them to get the matter fully resolved and behind you. This is why you have insurance.

  2. Report it to your insurance company, tell them the truth about what happened and let them deal with it. They will defend your interests if you are sued and deal with any property damage claims presented. You should be ok - this is why we have insurance.

    Good luck.

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  3. Simply report it to your insurance company to resolve.

  4. You did everything right. You called the police and exchanged information. Call your insurance company and report the claim. Cooperate with them. Your insurance company will deal with the vehicle damage, and injuries, if any.

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  5. As all my colleagues said, report it to your insurance company.

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  6. Report it to your insurance company ASAP. They should handle it for you. Good luck.

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