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I put in for a child support modification in my divorce case, my ex is lying about her employment, and she remarried to a rich?

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she remarried to a rich husband....if the court redoues the child support guidelinescan some of her new husbands income be imputed to her income which can make me get a lower child supprot payment? she has two kids of mine minor children that live with her and her husband with his other 4 kids. he usually pays for all the kids, and i keep up with my child support as best i can and have a great relationship with my kids. can her new husbands income be imputed to my ex if he contributes to my children? also her affidavit says sshes unemployed, but her myspace page shows that she has a bbq catering business ran out of her there anyway this iformation can help me? thank you

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Her new husband's income is irrelevant to any obligation based on her personal income. Whether her income has actually changed is another question.

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I agree with my colleague. Her new husband's income cannot be used to calculate your child support obligation. If you can gather evidence as to her new business and a substantial change in income, you may have a chance at a modification.

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Her new husband's income has no bearing on your child support obligation, even if it should As for her employment, you should undertake additional discovery of her and the business to obtain the necessary information.

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