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I purchased a commercial property from a county tax auction back on Oct 27, 2010. How do I evict the current occupant?

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I gave the current occupant a Notice to Quit, Termination of Tenancy, Landlord-Tenant (dc100c.pdf) on Oct 29, 2010 after the property was paid for at the county treasurer office. I received the QC deed dated Nov 29, 2010. What is the process to evict the current occupant? What forms do I need to fill out?

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  1. Your next step would be to prepare and file a summons and complaint for eviction, assuming the notice to quit expired. Serve the summons and complaint upon the occupant. You can ask for money damages too (aside from possession of the premises) if there is a basis to do so. The court will set a hearing date, typically a week or two after the filing of the complaint. Take a form judgment to court with you. There's an SCAO form for this (get it from the same place you got your notice to quit). If the occupant appears and asks for an adjournment, the court will typically grant his/her request. On the eleventh day after entry of the judgment, fill out a writ of restitution application and file it with the clerk. This is the "eviction" document.

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