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I pleaded guilty to dv after my gf falsely accused me, is there anyway to take it back?

Chatsworth, IL |

My gf has had me arrested twice on false charges of domestic violence. The first time was over two years ago and I had never been arrested before so I pleaded guilty to get out of jail. The second time was 02/2012 and I sat in jail for 3 weeks because the judge refused to lower bail or give a pr bond. I didn't want to spend 6 months in jail fighting a crime that would only have me serve 2 weeks. I only had a "Public Pretender" and winning these cases is hard. And what the judge didn't tell me is that if I plead guilty i cant join the military, own a firearm, and most jobs around me will not hire me due to my record. Both times I was arrested were CM not felonies. And both times there was no evidence just her word against mine. What can I do, or is to late? Can DV crimes be expunged? Thx

I didn't know pleading guilty would have such a negative impact on my life. There are many men out there that get wrongly accused and imprisoned due to spiteful women, and it is not just or fair. How can the police make an arrest with no evidence? I don't care what their policy is, that is not right. The only reason I pleaded guilty the first time is bc I wanted to get out. I had a job to start and I was new to the "justice system." Foolishly I was scared and just wanted to get it past me and not drag it out. The second time I pleaded guilty bc I wanted out of jail. Three weeks is to long to spend in their and the judge refused to be lenient at all about lowering my bail. Basically I was coerced to plead guilty. I don't think I can get my record expunged or sealed, can I? Is it expensive? Since it has been two years since my first conviction, can I appeal it?

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  1. You are not in a good position to do much about your convictions. You are way beyond the time to file a motion for leave to withdraw either of your guilty pleas, which also means that the road of appeal is closed to you. Your posting does not, in any event, set out any grounds on which a judge would have been likely to allow you to withdraw your plea even if it had been timely. Nothing you say hints at any grounds for post-conviction relief. No conviction in Illinois can be expunged, and it does not sound as though you are eligible for sealing, either. You can certainly have a lawyer review your cases in detail in the hope of finding an avenue of relief, but from what you tell us it does not sound good.

  2. Too late.

  3. You should never have pled guilty to DV if you wdid not commit the act(s.) It is really too late to do anything about it now. If there are more facts to review then you could discuss it in person with a criminal defense attotney, but your chances are grim.

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