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I plead guilty to 4 felony's all non violent and served house arrest for 90 days . since then i have had my record expunged .

Van Nuys, CA |

how can i get my right restored . since then i have been on the good side of the law. my conviction was for insurance fraud and co conspiritor

Attorney Answers 2

  1. What right? Your gun rights is what most people want restored. Under federal and CA state law convicted felons may not own or possess a firearm. Your "expungement"won't change that.

  2. If the felony convictions were for wobbler offenses (crimes that can be charged either as misdemeanors or felonies) then as part if your expungement you should have, and probably did, ask them to be reduced to misdemeanors. Insurance fraud covers a wide range of offenses. I can't tell you if they could be, or were, reduced to misdemeanors. If they were, your gun rights have been restored because you are Not a convicted felon. If not, you may have a very large fight ahead if you want to get your guns back, involving either a petition for pardon or a certificate if rehabilitation.

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