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I plead guilty to 2 misdemeanor DUIs that I got in April/March of 2011 in Arizona. How will this affect me?

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The first DUI was extreme, but that was dropped down to just DUI. I was put on 2 years unsupervised probation and given 10 days in jail. I would like to know how this affects my life in the world of employment, school, etc. (Can I go to medical or law school?) What major changes will I have to be aware of from this? Also, I was told that in 2 years I can get the DUI "set aside", what exactly does that mean? How does that change the way the conviction appears on my record?

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In reference to how the conviction appears on your record and what you were told, you should contact your AZ attorney to discuss that. As for how it will impact potential career opportunities, I would suggest contacting the licensing agencies for those you are interested and inquire. I doubt you would be barred from law school as long as you are honest and up front about them when filling out your application. Hope this helps. Good luck.


You've got a number of complicated questions that aren't easy to answer here. I suggest that you post this in the AZ section so some locally experienced DUI attorneys can advise you. While the DUIs shouldn't ultimately prevent you from getting into school, they will probably pose some complications upon graduation when attempting to get licensed by the state bar or medical board. Consult with a few AZ DUI attorneys to explore all of your options. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


If you were represented by an attorney for one or both of thee charges, I suggest speaking to him, her or them as a starting point. A lawyer fully familiar with the facts of both of your cases is in the best position to answer your questions and assist you.

Good luck to you. And don't go to law school ... when you're done, you're a lawyer.

Jasen Bodie Nielsen

Jasen Bodie Nielsen



Christopher Irvin Simser

Christopher Irvin Simser


Sad but true ...

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