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I paid a company to remove a mugshot. Immediately after payment and "removal", the photo reappeared! How can I remove for good?

Miami, FL |

The case was expunged. Funds are limited. I cannot keep paying these so-called companies to remove, just to have it reappear on a new site, then another, etc. It's troubling that innocent people are being taken advantage of.

Thank you in advance.

Side note: I do not recommend They did not honor their "guarantee".

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Appalling, isn't it? It's a frequent topic of discussion on Avvo. Do a search for "mugshots." Unfortunately I know of no effective remedy. These companies exploit embarrassing public records, the publication of which enjoys first amendment protection. Add to the mix the complication that the companies who do the publishing may be located outside the U.S., and you can see the enforcement problem, even assuming litigants could obtain court orders respecting the removal of the mugshots. My condolences on your predicament. I wish I had more to offer.

  2. Not only is it b.s.,, but I understand that the same guy owns several of the sites. I wish you the best of luck. We just had a client who did the same and he is just as frustrated as you are. I am sorry. I think it is really unfortunate that these sites persist.

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