I own a landlocked property in the state of Michigan. It's .25 acre, wooded and is: surrounded on three sides by

Asked over 3 years ago - Wakefield, MI

property owner “A” and on the fourth side by property owner “B”. Imagine a 100 ft square (owned by me) that is
bordered on the North, East, and South by property owner A,
and bordered on the West by property owner B.

Property owner’s B property is the same size as mine and is:
Bordered on the North and South by Property owner A
bordered on the East by me
bordered on the West by a paved road

Property owner A will not grant me any easement to my property and property owner will not either.

My question is essentially this... Are there laws on the books that would allow me to get a right-of-way to my property?

Or is the only option to 1) continue paying taxes forever on a property that we cannot sell, donate, or set foot on legally? 2) Forfeit to the other landown

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  1. Alan D. Walton


    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . You need to research the title to your parcel. My guess is that it was once one with the owner to your west and was split from that one for some reason. If so, there may be an implied easement over the property to your west. You may also claim an easement of necessity in some circumstances. All of these are very fact specific and you should consult with a real estate attorney to determine these approaches might help you. It will probably require legal action to get the adjoining owner to see the light so to speak.

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