I owe child support in WA state. How hard is it for WA DHS to seize my bank financed car in CA? What is their process?

Asked 8 months ago - Los Angeles, CA

Owe $10k+ in back child support, Car worth $15k, owe the bank $10k.

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  1. Jeffrey Scott Drabin

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    Answered . it is extremely unlikely that anyone would levy on an encumbered vehicle.

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  2. Kurt Duane Elkins

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    Answered . If the car is worth 15 but you owe the bank 10 on it then it would not make financial sense for the bank to go after it. I would still be careful, I know some creditors will wait you out and go after the car in a year or two when it is worth 10 but now it is paid off. would it be possible for you to pick up some extra work to get the child support back on track?

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