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I need to Sue Walmart in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL |

My daughter went to visit her grandparents out-of-state. The plan was to pick her back up on 08/02 for a family vacation (this was arranged months in advance and my husband already put in for vacation time) On Friday, 07/30, we took our family van to Walmart for an oil change. On 07/31, there was a loud bang and we pulled over; oil was pouring out of the van. We got the van towed home, and contacted Walmart, as we feel they are responsible. Sunday, 08/01 Walmart sent a mechanic out to take pictures. Now Walmart is claiming we have to hire a mechanic to prove liability. They refused to provide a rental and we do not have another vehicle big enough for our family of 6. The vacation was canceled, and I had to pay bus fare to get my daughter from Tennessee. What can I do?

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You need to have a mechanic look at the vehicle and investigate whether the damage was caused by Wal-Mart. If so, then submit all of your invoices, receipts, estimates, and reports to Wal-Mart and demand that they cover your losses. If they still refuse, then you have the option to file suit. But, the problem might not have been caused by Wal-Mart. You need to find that out first.

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