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I need to report someone selling his foodstamps in exchange for cash.

Watertown, NY |

A friend of my niece sells his foodstamps for cash every month. He offers double in foodstamps for the cash ($50 for $100 in food stamps). He goes with you to the supermarket and pays for your groceries with his EBT card so no one know what he is doing. He does this every month with several different people and I kept quiet because he is out of work and thought he needed it but then heard him on the phone buying pot and mushrooms. Where do I report him? I called the Dept of Social Services but didn't get much help. This individual has two young kids and he and his girlfriend are always high on pot and other things and I'm worried that these children are in a dangerous situation.

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It seems your biggest worry here is not that he is selling Food stamps for cash but that he is abusing and neglecting his kids.
You can file a completely anonymous complaint with the State Department of Social Services or your County's Child Protective service and if there is any proof of their drug use abuse or sale, the county will interview the necessary witness and if the proof is that the parent is using around the children one or both parents can be kept from seeing the children. Yes the kids will go to Foster care or maybe to another family member but that is still preferred to leaving them in direct harms way in a Juvi facility.

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