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I need to pay a lump sum for divorce. I borrowed the money & need to know if there's a certain way I should hand it over?

Petaluma, CA |
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The judgement gave me a date to pay by, its 2 days away. I need to know if I just write a check, or should I go to the courthouse on the first business day which is Monday?

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  1. I've changed the category as payment pursuant to a divorce decree is generally not a debt settlement issue and payment instruction should be in the decree.

  2. The payment should be traceable, so make sure you are using a check to pay. I would also take advantage of the memo line and write something along the lines of "full settlement of divorce pay out". If your ex had an attorney, I would recommend going through them by writing a nice cover letter stating that the check is the payment and that you would ask them to forward the same to your ex. That way they have a record of the fact you sent the check and if your ex comes back claiming you did not pay, his/her attorneys know that is not the case. You should also keep a copy of the check and the cover letter for your own records. Sending it by certified mail and keeping a copy of the green card that gets returned to you so you have proof it was received is also a good idea.

  3. Lump sum payment for what and payable to whom?

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