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I need to make payments in a civil matter of $8000 I wrote to the plaintiffs attorney and she said no.. I had to pay in full

Concord, CA |

I need to make payments how should I do this?

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  1. Let the plaintiff's attorney know that you are willing to pay, and enclose a check for what you can. If the attorney refuses the check, the plaintiff will just have to wait until either you can pay, or they employ collection methods to have the sheriff "take your stuff" and auction it off to pay the judgment.

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  2. Plaintiff's attorney is playing hardball on behalf of her/his client--exactly las he or she is supposed to do. If you can't come to some accomodation, the attorney may move in court to enforce the judgment and could garnish wages/seize property etc.

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  3. You are not being clear. When you say you need topay 8k is that a balance due under a contract or a partial settlement or a court judgment? Depending on your answer why would an attorney say no unless you were offering less than due which is e key fact you have not provided about the nature of the dispute and what is claimed and what you think is due??? Help us here so you get a good answer.

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