I need to know which state to file a subpoena in? I have a case open in Pima County, but an investigation was performed in NV...

I currently have a SP case open in pima county, my daughter reported allegations to me about her father while she was in las vegas. Las Vegas Police performed an investigation with interviews and so forth. I obtained a one page incident report from Las Vegas, but I want a more detailed report of everything from interviews, medical examines, the whole investigation to present to the Judge in Pima County. Who do file a subpoena with? Can I file it with Pima County to subpoena for records from Las Vegas Police department, or do I go through the whole process with filing a petition with Clark County, and subpoena, just to obtain the investigation records to present to court in Pima? I want these records because Tucson Police never did their own investigation on the allegations.

Tucson, AZ -

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Brian Petersen

Brian Petersen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Mesa, AZ


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