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I need to know what my options are for my horrible dental issues that have created pain and agony for over 4 months now.

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The dentist performed a root canal and a few fillings , I was in utter agony and pain , it only got worse . All the fillings had to be redone because they were causing me pain and it showed on xrays they weren't done correctly . The office kept telling me the pain would be there for up to 6 months . I went for a 3d xray elsewhere and went back to my dentist with the findings that I needed the root canal redone . They redid it , and still horrible pain . one tooth 3 root canals later on the same tooth , then I was told it had to be extracted . I told them my gums hurt , they shouldve given me antibiotics before the extraction . Now I have a horrible dry socket which is beyond painful without anything for pain . Then another root canal on another tooth , they dropped a piece of the metal inside .

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I would at a minimum find another dentist.

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It is not that easy seeing as I've spent 3grand and do not have another at my disposal to find a new dentist. I will find a new one for my other tooth which needs a root canal done, that will be the 3rd root canal in total once I'm done.


Root canals and fillings do not hurt for 6 months absent some extremely unusual circumstances. One of the troubling things about this post is that you continued to go back to the same place. Find a different dentist. Go to a different dentist. A determination of whether there was actual malpractice requires a great deal of review and analysis beyond an internet back and forth. Here's why: [Blue Link Below]

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Thank you for your link. I will find a new dentist once I have the funds. I am still finishing the work that needs to be done with this current February because they will not return any funds.


If your dentist isn't removing the entire root during the root canal procedures, a new dentist should probably do it.

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I agree with all of the other responding lawyers that your first step should be to find a new dentist, one in whom you can have some confidence.

You may or may not have a valid dental malpractice claim. The only way to find out is to consult a lawyer who will review the dental records and get an expert, a dentist, to review them and advise whether or not dental negligence has occurred. I suggest that you consult a Dallas plaintiffs' lawyer who is certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. A link to the Board's website appears below.

Good luck.

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