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I need to know what is the best route of leaving my life insurance money to my son who is 3 years old.

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I have listed my mother as my beneficiary, but the next person I would want it to be would be my son who is 3 years old. I was told that I would need to make a trust for him and list the trust as my other beneficiary and set him at a certain age to receive the funds, but I am unsure of how to go about doing this. Could someone please inform me because I just do not know how to piece it altogether. Thanks!

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  1. Change the beneficiary to your son if he's an adult, and if he's a minor, you need to appoint a guardian for your son, which may also be your mother. See an estate lawyer for help.

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  2. Contact your life insurance agent and let him know you want to name your 3 year old son as a beneficiary. The agent is in the best position to let you know the life insurer's process for naming a minor as a beneficiary and how they would handle the distribution of funds in a way that most protects your child..

  3. Get a trust that has provishions for a minor. retitle the polocy in the name of the trust.

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