I need to know what i can do about some place that i found a hard piece of plastic in my food at carls jr

i went to carls jr in courdalane Idaho and i found some plastic in my hamburger and it cut the roof of my mouth and i dont know if i swolled any of it. since then i havent been feeling good and i need to know what i can do about that

Kalispell, MT -

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Peter Scott Van Keuren

Peter Scott Van Keuren

Personal Injury Lawyer - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

You should contact a personal injury lawyer in your area. Generally, the existence of a foreign substance in your food may constitute negligence in the preparation and serving of the food to you. In order to have a viable claim however, you must demonstrate that you have been damaged by the negligence. A small cut on the roof of your mouth, with nothing more, would not be significant enough for you to pursue. The cut will heal and you will not sustain any long terms damage, medical bills, lost wages or other compensable injury. The statement that you haven't been feeling well since is rather non-specific and could be anything. The burden will be on you as the claimant to prove that the negligence Carl's Jr. caused the injuries of which you complain.

David J. McCormick

David J. McCormick

Defective and Dangerous Products Attorney - Milwaukee, WI

These types of cases are hard to prove, so the medical records have to be very specific on the cause of your injuries. With that in mind, you should consult with a local personal injury attorney and discuss your options.

Good luck.

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