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I need to know the result of my traffic criminal case

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

I was arrested on 2008 for reckless driving i went to my court date jug gave me a fine to paid and i have to do 8 hour of agressive driving school program . Time pass 2009 y forgot about it they send me a lettler to pay the fine i did paid in full every single penny but the 8 hours never did it. Now my case status say dispisition entered and disposed, im confused what does it means exact . I know dont have a warrant because i have travel intenational and nothing has happen when i get in the us !! So what is really my status is it close or what. I want to become a citizen of the us do i have to do the 8 hour driving program regarless or what? I need legal advise does this case forbid me to become a citizen or what please responde !!

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    As an attorney who practices both criminal and immigration law, I will try to answer your question as it relates to both areas of law. To become a U.S. citizen, among other criteria, you must establish that you have "good moral character" for the last five years, or for the last three years if your citizenship petition is based on a marriage to a U.S. citizen. Some criminal convictions will be an absolute bar to citizenship. Others will simply be factored into the totality of the circumstances by the immigration officer. A reckless driving conviction, or withhold, will not result in an automatic bar to citizenship. It will, however, be taken into consideration, during the three or five year period, along with all other factors. Because this case arose within five years, and because it may not be disposed of yet, you should consult an attorney who practices both criminal and immigration law. The first thing you should do is go to your local clerk of court office and obtain all of the records in your file relating to the reckless driving case. Next, you should contact an immigration attorney and have that attorney review the criminal records and your immigration factors to determine whether you are eligible for naturalization based on all of the criteria and how to best resolve the criminal case, if not already resolved.

  2. An immigration attorney can best answer your citizenship question, but I can tell you what to do about your "closed" case. The best thing to do is to call the clerk of court, ask them the status. Often, the failure to complete a class eventually results in the suspension of your drivers license. True, the case will appear to be "closed", but your license may be suspended until the 8 hour class is completed. Good luck,

  3. You need an immigration lawyer

  4. Your first priority should be to contact an attorney. Also, I would suggest going in person to the courthouse and requesting a copy of the final order/disposition, it should contain all the information you or your attorney would need to know.

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