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I need to know how to handle grandparent visitation problem.

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Last Aug-I agreed to have my mom to keep my 9 yr son m-f so he could go to the local school. She cnvncd me to sign a grandparent visitation agreement; I was told that it was only so she had a legal document to show that I (bc i hv full custody)give her perm to have my son m-f it was temp and set to end on Aug 2013. By May 2013 I was calling atrny to find out what to do to get my son back full time. In May I felt I was would be failing to protect him from mental and emotional abuse if his visits continued. Was told by attn. that since I had full cust I needed to remove him and not let him return until it was safe for him. She refused to agree to change the behavior I felt was harming him. she has not called him all summer received a motion for enfc grand vist and extend?? next step

over the school year I noticed my son became withdrawn, anxious and bit his nails. He had so much stress he developed ulcers and had to be put on meds. In May I discovered that he had an ipad and a cell phone. He informed me that he got them in December and that he was told to "not tell me and keep it a secret" and if I knew" Mommy would take them away". I discv porn & explic pics on both of them. When I confronted my mom with the images she said that "she had seen the porn b/f and guess she forgot to keep monitoring him on them." How am I suppose to respond to the motion to enforce and extend gp visitation ? I know the judge doesn't want all the drama so what is important to explain why it is not best to grant the gp any visits?

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The very first thing you should do is hire an attorney and respond to the motion to enforcement of grandparent visitation.

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