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I need to know how to file for emancipation ! I have no financial support from any family members and I need help !

Bronx, NY |
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I am transferring to a college in California and my mom will no longer support me financially . I need to file legally emancipated so that I am able to go to school . If I am still under her legally , I will not be able to pay for college since fas fa will follow her income . I need help to file for emancipation because I really want to stay in school and I don't have any support . Please help me !

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    I assume you are under 21? If so, your school's financial aid office should be able to assist you with the applications you need. You may otherwise consider filing your own child support petition in court seeking either an order of support, or alternatively a declaration of emancipation. Should you need assistance with same, I then suggest you call a Bronx Co. Child Support lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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  2. One of the tests for emancipation, ironically, is exactly what you seek, which is financial support (the ability to support yourself). How old are you?

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  3. If you want your parents to support you, then you can file for child support from your parents in family court.

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