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I need to find out what to do regarding a ticket received due to a car accident while vacationing in Tampa 2.5 weeks ago.

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Ticketed for a car accident in a rental car on 1/18/13, at approx 7:55pm. We were looking for Patriot Park. At the intersection of Bay to Bay and Bayshore there was a traffic light but no indication that Bay Shore Blvd was a divided 4 lane road. There were no signs showing one way lanes. I turned right on Bay Shore looking for this park. There was no traffic in either direction at the time. There were pedestrians walking along the bay and there were tents and bleachers along the bay sidewalk (prep for a children's parade). I thought that was the park we wanted to stop at and made a left turn from the right lane thinking I was on a two way road. There was a truck in my blind spot that hit the left rear passenger door. A passenger was taken to Tampa General and released later that night.

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  1. You can either pay the ticket by mailing it in or hire an attorney to go to court or at least review the ticket for you.. What specifically were you cited for?

  2. easy-hire a traffic ticket lawyer in tampa

  3. In addition to considering hiring a traffic attorneythat, you'll want to notify your insurance carrier. Good luck.

  4. Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic lawyer to fight it.

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  5. You should contact an attorney in Tampa who handles traffic tickets as soon as possible. The attorney can discuss your options including setting a court date to contest the citation.

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  6. Either contact a local attorney to discuss your options or pay the ticket; either way, do not wait too long.

    Questions answered by me on AVVO does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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