I need to find out info on my father's murder case it was from back on 10/18/05.. His Name is Alexander Edward Czaplicki

i had been looking for him for a long time and i just recently found out from my mother that she bumped into his cousin and she told me that he was found on the side of the road in egg harbor nj with 2 gunshot wound to his body on 10/18/05 ..all this time i was looking for him and no one ever notified me. being that i am his next of kin i should have been told..i want to know if they ever found out who did it and also i found out he was buried next to his father in cemetery in florida..and my cousin who lives with me told me that a man came to the house asking for me but he did not leave his name and he never came back i wonder if that was him looking for help this was a month before his body was found..i really would appreciate any info or at least tell me who to talk to.

Bayonne, NJ -

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Jeffrey Jose Estrella

Jeffrey Jose Estrella

Foreclosure Attorney - New York, NY

Sorry for your loss. I would start with the local sheriff / police department in whatever county he was found in. Then the local courts to see if anyone was caught and put to trial or a court case. For the funeral, I would check local vital records and burial records in Florida and New Jersey.

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Ivan Raevski

Ivan Raevski

Criminal Defense Attorney - Metuchen, NJ

Talk to the Egg Harbor police department. The County Prosecutor's office should also have some information regarding the case.
Good Luck!

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Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson

Business Attorney - Tinton Falls, NJ

Contact the local police and the county prosecutor. As you are next of kin, they should be helpful in providing information. Good luck.

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Mark M Cheser

Mark M Cheser

Criminal Defense Attorney - Union, NJ

The local police likely did the investigation. Bring your ID and they will likely give you information. If the county did the investigation you may have to call the county prosecutor homicide unit.

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