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I need to find a pro bono criminal attorney in phoenix arizona or glendale

Phoenix, AZ |

i need a criminal attorney for these charges resisting arrest tamp w phy evidence posess of drug paraphenelia disorderly conduct and obsrt of govt operns my husband has court next on nov 16 he is a certified plumber and makes 20 an hour however half goes to child support and he has another family to support he is bipolar and has been off his meds for a long time due to we cant afford insurance and he is also a diabetic and the court won't appoint him a public defender i have checked w attornets and they want 2500-7000 up front we cant afford that all at once i start work on tuesday and if he gets out he gets paid weekly and we can afford payments please help us the police twisted my words

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I'm sorry to say that it will be extremely unlikely to find a criminal defense lawyer to work on a case for free. Why did the judge decline to appoint a public defender to represent your husband? Either you don't financially qualify or the State is not seeking jail time. If your case is in Phoenix City Court the latter reason would be surprising.

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Pro bono is short for the Latin pro bono publico which translates "for the public good"

Yours is not a public matter, rather it is a private dispute between you and the governement.

I suggest you reach out to Legal Aid.

Good luck. and I hope this explanation helps.

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You should make sure that you reqest an appointed attorney again. If the court decided that you do not qualify then you have to make hard financial decisions. It is very important that you have an attorney assisting you at all stages of your case.

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