I need to fight this speeding ticket or I lose my license...

I was pulled over for 70 in a 55.. i need to fight this ticket or i lose my license.. how can i fight this ticket? should i hire a attorney? if so who?

Hesperia, CA -

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Antonio Ronaldo Garcia

Antonio Ronaldo Garcia

Criminal Defense Attorney - South El Monte, CA

Normally, a speeding ticket of 70 in a 55 might be something that traffic school can clear and therefore remedy one from losing their driver's license. However, if it were filed as a reckless driving misdemeanor or you have suffered too many points in a particular time period, the Dept of Motor Vehicles may arguably look to suspend your license. And in that case, you should seek out counsel to fight the ticket. You should understand that there are no guarantees of success but a knowledgeable traffic attorney will have a plan of attack that might give you a chance.

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Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Thousand Oaks, CA

Yes you hire an attorney . There is no guarantee that an attorney can prevail , but your chances are better than if you handled it yourself .

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