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I need help with a Dui case, should I bring an attorney with me?

Chicago, IL |

I just had my first DUI a couple days ago, I have court coming up in a few weeks, I was asked to blow the breathalyzer, but refused to, I was kept in a cell for the night . My car was impounded being charged $2000 to take it out plus storage fees, I was wondering if I can take out by payments or something like that. I was algo give a couple moving violation tickets. I was given 2 field tests. I am under 21 and want to know if there's anyway it does not go into my record. I don't know if it helps but the car was already parked too, engine on. thank you

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    The only way to keep this DUI off your record is to hire an attorney who can win the case. Any refusal case has a fighting chance in my opinion. The city will not release the car until the impoundment fee is paid -- but don't delay; new fees go up every day and after a while they will just send it to the junkyard (and sick a collections agency after you).

  2. A DUI is a very serious charge that you shouldn't face alone. You absolutely should schedule a few DUI consultations as soon as possible.
    You may lose your ability to drive, face jail time and have serious fines.
    Most of us that handle DUI law offer free consultations.

  3. You definitely need a lawyer. Based in your facts a lawyer may be able to assist you in defeating the charge or reducing it. You should not go to court without a lawyer.

    This is not legal advice. This is merely a recommendation on how to get what you need from the Court.

  4. DUI is a serious charge especially because you are under 21. There is a possible punishment of jail time so you should contact a skilled criminal defense attorney to defend you. Our office offers free consultations

  5. Since you are underaged, your DUI is even more serious. Yes, you need an attorney. You also need to get your car out of impoundment. Fees mount daily and will eventually rise to the level that you can never get your car back. Do whatever it (legally) takes to get an experienced DUI defense attorney to represent you.

  6. Yes.

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  7. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense/DUI lawyer. Most of us will provide you a free consultation. The City will not accept payments on the impound fee. The refusal on the blow will result in a one-year summary suspension of your license. The DUI charge carries a possible sentence of up to a year in jail and revocation of your license. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint the public defender. The DUI stays on your record forever unless you win the case.

  8. A DUI supervision is like a tattoo, however there is no laser surgery to remove it. You should get an attorney, and make sure you ask him how much and when the trial is going to be. You don't want to hire someone who is going to make you take a plea if you want to avoid the tattoo. (and it's a poorly draw tattoo at that).

  9. Under Illinois' Zero Tolerance Law, a driver under the age of 21 caught with any trace of alcohol in his/her system may have his/her driver's license suspended. Although there are some exceptions for minors who ingest a prescribed dosage of medication containing alcohol or consume alcohol as part of a religious service, the best way to avoid a suspended driver's license and other potential criminal charges is by hiring an experienced criminal defense/DUI attorney. Most attorneys offer free consultations and it is best to do this as soon as possible to avoid other potential penalties.

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