I need help for a future immigration hearing.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Vienna, VA

My husband was release from ICE custody with a bond of 1500 but he still have to go back for an immigration court. What are the chances of him being removed from the USA if he was release with a very low bond considering the higher bonds other people gets. Also when he was held by ICE we already had an I130 approved so I don't know if that did helped at all?

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Sorry I think I was too general. My husband has been in the US for 10 years and we can proof that. He entered the US without inspection. I married him on 2009 but we have two kids in common, where both of our kids have and IEP in place due to educational delays and develpomental. I petition him on 2012 with an I130 but I understood since he came without a visa he might have to go back to our country. Now we are dealing with this ICE detention that was put on him due to a charge of family assault that was made. Unfortunately I'm supposed to be the victim but is a long story. I just want to know if there's any chance he can win his chance of adjusting his status specially now where he has been arrested and detained by ICE.

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  1. Peter Anthony Jabaly


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    Answered . Unfortunately, the facts aren't clear. You should speak with an attorney so that he or she can evaluate your husband's case and present your options. The bond amount is reassuring but by no means can an attorney extrapolate an opinion from that.

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  2. Ismail T. Shahtakhtinski

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    Answered . Your husband will need an immigration lawyer for his removal hearings. That lawyer will have the best chance to consider all facts and give you best advice. This is not something you can get answered with general information which we provide on this site. You need an individual consultation.

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  3. Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

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    Answered . Since he entered without inspection after 2000 your husband cannot adjust his status. He MAY be eligible for an I601a waiver, but you really need to meet with and hire an attorney to handle both the removal proceedings as well as the waiver and possible voluntary departure.

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  4. Kevin Lawrence Dixler

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    Answered . This is unclear. More information is needed. Did your husband enter the U. S. with a visa? Did he have relatives or an employer, who petitioned him in the past? How long has he lived in the U.S.? The issue is his options, which may be quite a few, but this remains unclear without a thorough evaluation.

    I strongly recommend an appointment or teleconference with a competent and experienced immigration attorney, who can take the time to review all of the facts and provide enough options. Good luck.

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  5. Gloria Cardenas Conn


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    Answered . The low bond is not an indication of the merits of your case. The I-130 Petition will assist your husband. Your immigration attorney might also advise you that he has 42B Cancellation of Removal relief, but discuss all the details with him/her.

    An exceptional AILA immigration attorney with 22 years of experience who can be reached at 801 656 9605.
  6. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . Hire an immigration attorney immediately.

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  7. Elliot M.S. Yi

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues. Hire an attorney to help you with potential immigration relief and to represent you in your future hearings. Good luck.

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