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I need criminal help can anyone PLEASE HELP US

Friendswood, TX |

I would like to ask for help to file a writ of habeas corpus for 1107 . My Husband was offered 20 years , due to poor collection of blood evidence . He was told to sign or if he went to trial he would get satyrs to 99 yrs . He was not DNA swab until pretrial and it was returned inconclusive . in 1 week . They also destroyed evidence without contacting my Husband . Pretty much his whole case was bad from the start . The Attorney given through court wouldn't take his case . Then the 2nd one kept reseting and finally would contact us until last minute . We got a 3rd 5 days before trial and that turned out a nightmare because we felt he kept siding with DA . We felt he didn't even try , all attorneys did not help him of represent him as he needed to be . My Husband is in prison . I tried to get information .

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You are unlikely to find an attorney to take this case pro bono. He may be able to get a court appointed attorney on appeal. You will have to contact the court to find out if this is an option. The only other option if you cannot afford to hire an attorney is to contact the Innocence Project. They are overwhelmed with requests but will review the case to see if they can help him. They do great work.

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Please be prepared to pay a hefty lawyer fee in this matter. Many lawyers will not agree to become the 4th lawyer on a criminal case. If they do, they typically want to be well compensated and want their fee up-front. There may also be significant investigation and expert expenses. I don't want to discourage you, but to prepare you for some sobering realities. Good luck.


In addition to the comments above, I would add that you do not want "help to file a writ" if that means you intend on doing so without counsel, or worse, with the help of a "writ writer" inmate. We do writs in our practice, and I cannot tell you how sad it is to see people coming in wanting to file a writ correctly after someone else has already filed one. This is usually a one bite at the apple type of solution. Please, please make sure you get the assistance of a good lawyer before filing any writ. It will definitely cost, but it is better than ruining any chance he may have.

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