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I need citation of florida laws I can use to amend my complaint against an insurance company. I

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I am a pro se litigant who is a plaintiff against an insurance company. I am trying to amend my complaint to add fraud, negligence, and privacy violation. I currently have a breach of contract claim against them.
Please give me the relevant laws that cover fraud, negligence to settle a claim properly, and privacy violation committed by an insurance company that I may be able to use. I used to have breach of contract and statutory bad faith but the judge had stricken the bad faith and punitive damages on the first day of trial. I would like to add in some other laws violated by the insurance company in the place of bad faith, such as negligence to process my renter's insurance claim, privacy violations, and fraud in portraying the contract in such a way. Please site the relevant Florida la

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This is an inappropriate forum to get this information and impossible to answer. Fraud negligence and privacy violation are all fact specific claims. Case authority is not needed, you need to allege ultimate facts that support the conclusions that these violations have occurred. Seek legal guidance even if it is only for the drafting of your complaint.

The answers given are limited to the facts as given and presumed by the answer itself. Without seeing actual written documentation or having a conference to more fully explore the issues, this short answer has only limited application. Make sure to seek legal counsel and provide all documentation to get assistance in making informed legal choices., 305 377 1505

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Proceeding pro se in a case like this is like performing surgery on yourself. It doesn't work. If you can't afford to retain counsel through the entire trial, you should at least pay someone to draft the complaint and possibly respond to their motion to dismiss.

This post is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship with Mr. Cassara.

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Your time would be much better spent building a space shuttle, and your chances of a successful launch would be greater than your chances of this lawsuit being successful.

I often take cases other attorneys won't, so call me for a free consultation. My number is 727-712-3333, or you can view my website at

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My colleagues are correct. If you want to win, hire competent legal counsel. The insurance company already has.

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