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I need an entertainment lawyer willing to look over a few single song publishing contracts pro bono. Please help?

Los Angeles, CA |

I'm a struggling songwriter based in LA. There are 3 contracts. Each 4 pages long. All from one company so each contract is the same. Overall pretty basic. I just need them reviewed to make sure there's nothing I'm missing.

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  1. I understand you are struggling but you expect a stranger to give you hundreds of dollars worth of services? ...there may be some musician organizations that may help...

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  2. Pro bono? Call UCLA law school and ask if a law student might help you. Or call the Lawyers for the Arts, a volunteer group. You will likely get about what you pay for, but beggars can't always be choosers. Good Luck.

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  3. Are you willing to assign all the copyrights, title and interest in all of your compositions over to the attorney that represents you? If you want the attorney who represents you to work for free then why shouldn't you work for free too?

  4. Pro bono means free. Seriously? the project "songs" is for profit why would anyone work for free. As mentioned by colleagues, may be an association or learning institution has volunteers or low cost/low income programs.

    Good luck

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  5. Call volunteer lawyers for the arts. That's what they do.

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  6. Food for thought. Would you jump into an argument with two strangers? What would motivate you? Now, imagine that it was your job to jump in. You'd expect to get paid for doing your job.

    If you absolutely refuse to pay cash, then you should be seeking to give the attorney a portion of your advance, a percentage of the residual income, and percentage of your music/entertainment related income. Good lawyers aren't cheap, and typically cheap lawyers aren't good.

    You will likely continue to struggle if you're not willing to compensate people for protecting your interests.

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