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I need an attorney to help with with my child support case. Please help me, it's something so simple, but so hard for me.

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I was never awarded child support because my daughter's father purposely didn't work to avoid paying child support. I recently found out that he had been working this whole time. I sent in a modification of child support asking for arrears and current. We had a court date set up which he purposely didn't show up for because I didn't serve him. The date was rescheduled to 01/17/13. I served him and have proof of it so he has to show. But I know that he has something up his sleeve so that he can get out of paying support. I just need someone to back me up so he doesn't get away with this again. I'm a single mother with no job, family, or support. I'm hoping that someone can just please help me for free. It's something so simple but impossible for me to do alone. Please, someone please...

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Many attorneys offer free consultations but finding one that will handle your case for nothing is going to be hard to do. Our office offers free consultations and payment plans to make representation affordable. Alternatively, there is the Child Support Enforcement Office of the Department of Economic Security but he would need to have an existing child support order that he is not paying on for them to enforce. It sounds like this is going to be the first time an order will be in place. When parents try to get out of supporting their kids, it is not really that simple to catch them if you don't know where to look.

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