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I need an attorney for a landlord tenant issue that will charge a flat fee or contingency, its a slam dunk damages are only 6-7k

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I have an easy legal matter that will mostly likely be settled. I am speaking to the other side. I don't need someone with much experience. The case needs to be refiled & it may require an appearance. I filed it incorrectly pro se, it should have been filed by an attorney since it is the LLC that has causes of action not me. I am looking for a quote to amend the complaint with minimal changes and file a motion to sell the abandoned property free and clear. The complaint is drafted; I have proof that the previous affidavit the defendant filed has blatant lies and they live 80 miles away and also must retain counsel because they are a company. Will attorneys do small damages cases 7k max on contingency? This retention will lead to more work in the future that is more complex.

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It sounds like you're trying too hard to sell this case to some unsuspecting young lawyer who you want to take it on a contingency only. Most knowledgeable lawyers know better. Sorry. Nothing today is simple and easy and this case certainly isn't an easy or simple one. And, at most, you're talking about an attorney working for perhaps months or more to collect a portion of $7000. at risk. What happens if the company goes bankrupt? Then what? I honestly don't think you're being fair here. I've answered over three thousand questions and never said that before on this site, but in your case, I'll make an exception.

Why not be honest and tell us you have a difficult case that has to be completed before you can afford an attorney and you need help. Maybe then someone will lend a hand.

Good luck nonetheless.

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