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I need advice on dealing with a failure to receive promotion raise in educational system

Kingstree, SC |

I was denied a raise in pay after I was promoted to a supervisors position

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When you applied for the position was there a pay increase promised?

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This is not personal injury/ lost wages. I've updated your tags. Good luck


Need more details


More detail is really needed to give you any legal information on this issue. Notably, Williamsburg county is very restricted in funds, so, as others have questioned, was a raise promised?

Overall, it is best to discuss the details with an attorney who can advise you personally. If unable to afford an attorney, you may want to contact SC Legal Services at 1(888)346-5592 to see if you qualify for legal assistance through their offices.

I wish you well with resolving your issue.

NOTE: This information is provided for general legal information only and does not constitute advice. It does not address specific, personal issues as there is no direct contact with the questioner nor a review of any applicable documents. This response of general legal information does not create an attorney-client relationship. You are strongly advised to consult with an attorney in-person. The Brown Law Office, LLC is a private law firm managed by Tina L. Brown, solo practitioner, and providing legal representation for consumer debtors under the United States Bankruptcy Code, some general consumer matters, defense of tenants in rental matters with a particular emphasis upon income based housing, and simple estate planning matters.


Ordinarily discretionary raises are at the employer's discretion.

Are you a public employee? Do you have a union?

If there are public employee statutes, ordinances or personnel rules that provide for an automatic raise at a specified period of time after start of a new position, then check with your employer's personnel staff to see if that entitlement has been overlooked or if it has been suspended because of financial exigencies facing the employing entity.

If you are represented by a union, talk to your union rep. Perhaps the contractual entitlement has been deferred by union agreement for financial hardship reasons. There is alot of that occurring across the nation these days.

Lastly, make sure that there was not some sort of affirmative approval that was necessary to perfect your claim to a raise. If there was an evaluation or performance appraisal certifying that you met or exceeded certain standards, and if your employer did not file that certification, then you may not have a legal claim on an otherwise routine and expected raise.

If you were hoping for a raise but not claiming any entitlement then, again, it is up to your employer, and the failure to honor your request or demand is not likely a matter for a legal claim.

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