I need a simple will quickly drawn up tp protect my wife?

I am 95 and don't have much time. Iwant my stocks to go to my wife and clothes to a charity.

Silver Spring, MD -

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Mark William Oakley

Mark William Oakley

Personal Injury Lawyer - Rockville, MD

A simple will, if that is all you need, can be prepared very quickly and inexpensively. You may also be able to add your wife to the stock certificates as a joint owner with right of survivorship, which would vest the stock into her name immediately upon your death. Call your broker.

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Sarah Faith White

Sarah Faith White

Estate Planning Attorney - Marietta, GA

If you are 95 and own stocks and want to protect your wife, I would consult an estate planning attorney in your area. You should be able to have a simple will drawn up fairly cheaply and quickly. Ask for recommendations from family and friends. Good luck!

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