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I need a second extension on my DUI. What are my chances?

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I am in the process of completeing all of my DUI stuff (fines, community service, dui classes). I went into see the judge three months ago and asked for my first extension and I was granted it. At the time I had not completed anything regarding my case. Since then, I have finished my DUI classes (3month program) and have done 5hrs (sentenced 72) of community service. I have also quit drinking and checked myself into rehab over six months ago. I have followed the courts orders and have not driven. I have sold personal posessesions to pay for my dui classes and rides to and from. So, on Aug. 2nd I go into court for a second extension. Do you think the judge will see a decent amount of progress on my end and allow me to finish up, or do you think I will be taken into custody

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In my opinion the judge will acknowledge your progress and grant your request for a second extension. As long as you are making good progress and are proactive in addressing any issues that may arise with the court instead of waiting for a warrant to issue the court will work with you and give you an extension.

I wish you the best of luck with your case. Take care.


You have a chance of getting an extension. You have shown some good faith by completing the alcohol course and checking into the rehab. What Court is your DUI conviction in?


Just as the lawyers above have stated. I think the judge will see everything that you have done and that you are on the right track. I would advise that you bring copies of everything that you have done so far (proof of completion of 3 mos class, letter from rehab facility and any proof of community service that you've done so far).

Good luck.

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