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I need a pro Bono attorney in Bakersfield ca for possible probation violation

Bakersfield, CA |

I was arrested for the first time in Oct. My husband has abused me throughout our marriage. He hid our came home with a moving truck and never told me he was planning on moving and taking our son. I called 911 4 to 5 times as they were trying to come in and I felt I was in danger and defended myself when my husband grabbed me through the door. I was arrested and spent 15 days in jail I plead no contest. He took all our assets my son. My world is upside down. There is a stay away order and he offered to take me to get some of my belongings. I'm frightened I will go back to jail for this. The year prior my husband and brother and law beat on me and choked me and threatened to kill me. He never got arrested for anything! I'm so scared please help. I was charged of simple battery misdemeanor.

I'm on social security barely getting by financially. I would feel better to have my own attorney even if I have to scrape by and make payments. The public defender did not fully inform me on the stay away order. I have a six yr old son that I asked hr if I could speak with she said yes. It looks like she was wrong. I don't see how my husband can just take everything we had including our mutually owned car and hide it and I have no recourse. I can't believe I went to jail for defending myself and property. It shouldn't take 4 hours for 911 to dispatch a call.

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There is no such thing as a pro bono attorney. This is what the public defender is for.
Robert Driessen



This is a stupid answer she needs a divorce lawyer and what the hell tell her she needs a protective order the same thing just happenend to me; free advice does not hurt. And I had a probono lawyer they can to take her case.

Robert Laurens Driessen

Robert Laurens Driessen


Your comment shows you are not an attorney and are unable to even understand the question presented. The asker is looking for a probono criminal defense attorney. Yes a divorce is needed and feel free to give that attorneys information.

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