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I need a lawyer that will take my husbands case pro bono ASAP!!!!!!!!

Douglasville, GA |

My husband has been in Douglasville county jail since August 2010 for a crime that he did not comit. He was charger with burglary and possession of burglary tools. I just had our son, been laid off, and I spent my last $1900 on a no good lawyer that did not do his job and then quit on my husbands case. He has court coming up Feb 21. Can someone PLEASE help us out.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. you should inform your husband that he should request the court appoint a lawyer to represent most lawyers will want to be paid for any services that are rendered to a client....good luck

  2. Have your husband interview with the Douglas County Public Defender's office. I know that some people think that public defenders are "state lawyers" and not any good, but I have worked with that office on joint cases many times over the years (often on appeals where I am reviewing the effectiveness of trial counsel) and the lawyers there are first rate.

  3. He needs to apply for a public defender ASAP.

    If he is on the trial calendar for February, which he probably is if he has been in Jail since August, he does not need to wait until the last minute to hire another attorney or apply for a public defender. It takes time to prepare for trial and there is no guarantee the Judge will give him a continuance.

    Chances of finding an Attorney that will take this case for free are slightly better than winning the lottery.