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I need a federal attorney that will handle a complaint that stems from a family law matter. WHo can do this for me in CA.

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the courts have refused ot give me a trial for both custody and support for over five years.(civil rights/child abuse and child neglect/intentioanl infliction of emotional distress/tort of a judicial officer) allowed opposing council to commit tort (chicago title and trust/civil rights and tort of judicial system). order me to take a $2000 flight without an order before the court knowing that my son woudl miss his first day of school. (intentional infliction of emotional distress/tort of a judicial officer/ intentional malice). allowed the asthmatic child to be placed in a chain smoker and cigar smokers house. ( child neglect and child abuse/intentional infliction of emotional distress). upon being asked to recuse filed a vexaciosu litigant motion. I have attorney to testify in my behalf.

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Use AVVO's "Find a Lawyer" search function to find litigators in your area. Family law situations involving kids can be revisited, so I'd suggest a good family law litigator, rather than a lawyer who can sue judicial officers for not giving you specific results.

A vexatious litigant motion means you've been representing yourself and losing repeatedly, so when you shop for a lawyer, stick to the facts of your situation.

Avvo doesn't pay us for these responses, and I'm not your lawyer just because I answer this question or respond to any follow-up comments. If you want to hire me, please contact me. Otherwise, please don't expect a further response. We need an actual written agreement to form an attorney-client relationship. I'm only licensed in CA and you shouldn't rely on this answer, since each state has different laws, each situation is fact specific, and it's impossible to evaluate a legal problem without a comprehensive consultation and review of all the facts and documents at issue.

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losing a motion does not determine its validity which is the foundation of a VL ruling. the judge that gave the ruling had already heard a motion on my case and was not qualified to hear the motion pursuant to statute so thats bias. telling the judge hes wrong, when he is, gets you a vexatious motion. he eventually recused himself from my case. its riverside county. and the motions were valid. im not suing to get a specific result im suing for not being given a trial on either support or custody after asking over 15 times in court to set the matter and 6 years of no hearing on support modification. Plain and simple the courts are sheltering the racketeering of opposing party and several influential people in the county that I will take to court, prove and then win. one of the judges very good friends tried to get me NOT to go to court and then tried to get me to date the judge. specific results are not civil rights matters. no trial and child neglect of the state and child endangerment are federal issues when the DA and state are involved as in my case. im well aware of the bias against pro se litigants as well. that matter shouldl be addresses too. im not looking to be swayed against filing a federal case either. you assume its the results when i want to make sure that the courts do not do this again to any child or parent. my son currently lives wiht the ex-wife of opposing party that is a chain smoker and who HATES my son. He lives wiht his wife somewhere else and visits the child. thats not custody of the child.thats someone that doesnt want to pay support PERIOD! i have attorneys that will testify in my case as to the abuses of the court and the clear civil rights violations in my case. that shoudl also tell you something.



i am certain that i have to take my case to federal court as submitting additiaonl evidence of fraud and fiduciary responsibility of opposing party will only give opposing council and party the opportunity to continue to play shell games with finances to avoid any support. as to custody the courts made a decision that clearly endangers the child. no trial on either matter is unconstitutional and repeated bias can be shown in my case from the start which i was unaware of until i started reading the law. i have talked to other federal defense lawyers and they have said that i have a good case and that i am right in civil rights violations. im lookin gofr one with experience with family law issues.



how do you get a ruling on support with no evidentiary hearing after numerous requests? the psycological, emotional damage is already done of a child havig to live with the disparity of incomes and in this case it is a polar well as the physical tole of his body on having to live with a chain smopker who smokes in the house and a cigar smoker around an asthmatic son. i will take this case to the federal courts and i will raise the other federal issues in federal court and win. he ahs 62 million in the bank and had my son on $9 dollar a month health care. had employee take over bank records when he had a 108,000 federal tax lien. that same year he states that that he made 2500/mo. he stole a billionaires property that the bill. hid so he coudl get more state contracts for construction. then billion. let him "pay him back through another const. project "RIVERRUN" in Corona, the money that he stole. he took a loan out on the apartment complex( stolen property that was in Billion. employees hernandez name) to start a mortgage company so he could wrap loans and have wells fargo buy them through the real estate investment trust Ünited Dominion".nïnvestors"in united dominion are part of the other real estate fraud of opposing party. Players at united Dominion were proeviously involved in the federal case RCI and RCIM. Bank woudl furnish a bi-monthly statement once a year that looked like a monthly statement so that when checks and records were chaged mid-month one half of the statement woudl LOOK like a monthly statement and all the deposits woudl "dissappear". Ok so thats the kind of FACTS that I have evidence of not to mention stealing money from the state of Hawaii retirement fund and those involved were connected by real estate transactions. ok so its maybe money laundering and racketeering, teh people that are connected to the Oregon Property stated taht they were coke dealers. the real estate transactions involved certain title companies and particular representative that would recorde title without insurance as these documents were usually the proof of "debt or asset"between criminals. these people woudl put themselves on title to a property start a lawsuit and agree on payoff one to another. settlements were quick as the purpose was to use the suits as tax shelters and payments to each other for various reasons ie: drugs, human trafficking, racketeering, etc. its a little complicated and it shoudl definately be in federal court. ;I have FACTS upon Facts but dont need to state the specifics agasint the court as its even lenghtier and there are more connections than those that i will initially state. I bleive there is already an investigation into the court im referring to.



ICE contacted me regarding much of the issues I stated hererin and to date nothing has been done on it. Probably because it involves so many of the wealthy.

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